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Bike Servicing Chamonix


Repair your bike, mountain bike, road, vae in the Chamonix Valley. With or without appointment, our experienced technicians are at your disposal 7 days 7.

Rapid repair time! On average we give your bike in less than 48 hours
you do not want or can not you move? enjoy our VIP service bike Service: we pick your bike at your home and you bring back the repaired!

No surprise with the bill: Each repair is the subject of a quote, we will contact you before systematically incur costs on your bike.

To preserve the environment for our small-scale, practical workshop on selective sorting and maximum use of non-toxic and biodegradable products.

To the bike wash, we are considering a system of recuperation of water for summer 2015 … until we put you on, with a system of free revrsée participation in unicef.


Our bike servicing workshop is fully equipped to keep your bike in optimal condition. We operate a fast reliable and trustworthy service so you can ride worry free.

Workshop Rate
48 Euros per hour.

Guide to bike servicing rates
It’s difficult to give estimates on bike servicing without seeing what needs to be done to your bike. Below are a couple of examples…

19 Euros – Brake Bleed
8 Euros – Puncture Repair